Wednesday, September 16, 2009

for my (cynical) friends(s)

CANCER [June 21–July 22] These days, your gods can kick the butts of everyone else's gods. Likewise, your lawyers and agents and sidekicks can most likely outwit and out-wrestle everyone else's. But note that if you try to work alone, you will not be able to kick other people's butts, let alone the butts of their gods, lawyers, agents, and sidekicks. The skills of your allies will be indispensable. The way I see it, your test in the coming days will be to overcome any tendency you might have to indulge in pathological levels of self-sufficiency as you cultivate a greater capacity to ask for and receive help.

everything is a game
the instructions are
to walk away, to sit down (or kneel),
or to stand up

keep friends (and rivals) close
but please: keep enemies away

and still the old lesson
not to love (and trust) anyone completely
when it ends
its without mercy

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